Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What I've Done

Time run fast and suddenly it hits you hard with that question,

"What have you done in 2015?"

It all started from my conversation with some of my friends in the canteen and internship things are still on the top of the list of everyone's conversation. But that afternoon was different, we were flashing back  from the beginning of this year until the day we were sitting together.

It started with this question.

"What have you done in 2015?"

Then, all the people are like laughing ha-ha and stop and thinking for what have they done to this year, no, to themselves. Some of us told about the achievement they have reached, the failures the got, the things that they've been doing for so long, unpredictable moments, and else.


"What have you done in 2015?"

this question is spinning around my head and no, I can't resist. What-Have-I-done?!
This year is another learning phase for me. The fact that I still faced some same problems like what I faced in some years before now, was disappointing actually. But eventually, it dragged me to the fact that it's just one of those ways God try to reminds me how unsuccessful I am for finishing the latest "level". So, here I am, facing the same old probs, trying to make up my mind, and doing my remedial test. No, it's not a refusal for what I got cause, ya, you don't know how thankful I am to get this chance to make it up again.

"What have you done in 2015?"

Well yes, I prepared to-do list in the beginning of the year, what competition I wanted to join, the community I wanted to rise, the things that I wanted to put my concern to, etc. LOL, some things are just too naive to be true, but that's just how it's supposed to be, isn't it? We put our dreams way up high, to the highest cloud in the sky, if it must, so if maybe our feet slipped and we fell, there will be another cloud that will catch us and toss us higher. It was just yesterday that I crossed out my to-do-list and unconsciously find out that my dreams has been reached one by one. Again, I said, God has some kind of mysteries for answering  people's wishes or dreams.

"What have you done in 2015?"

I feel like I get more acquainted with myself. Knowing the bad and the good of myself and deal with it. I guess? lol. Even sometimes I may lose myself, but I try, right? Huh, another excuse.

So can we start that bullshit we hear in every year?
New year, new me? Really?

A hopeless Joke teller,