Thursday, March 8, 2018

Things to Boost Up My Mood (maybe yours too)

Hello there!

Hope everyone is doing well. Actually, I ‘ve made a draft for this post since 3 weeks ago, yet it was hard to find or even make time in the middle of thesis revision and other stuffs. But here I am.
First thing first, I’m feeling sorry for those active writers on Tumblr, because since yesterday, it was banned in my country by our governance because of some serious reports. I’m not actually an active users on Tumblr, but I have already used it since I was in Junior High School, not sure it was when I was in grade 8 or 9. Tumblr was like my alternative page besides Twitter or Blogspot to spit out everything on my mind. Including, those times when I posted none to this page, usually, I made those short poems, posted photos or thoughts on Tumblr, something that was longer to be posted in Twitter or too short to make it as a blogspot posts (for me) or simply I could find someone who would just react to that. Hehe. I’m not saying I don’t find it here, but…. Yeah.
In short, if I could ever ask the governance about Tumblr, could you give us (as users and a writers) times a day or two to grab whatever thoughts or ideas that has been saved but not yet posted or even save our works that we posted before? Hehe. But then again, you know if you insist to open your old Tumblr, you know that thing called “VPN” right? *smirk*

Well, 10 months struggling up with thesis is not easy as it seems. But yeah, as the roller coaster riding down the trail, it will be going up as well. And one of those highlights of doing my thesis is surely about having a good vibe to do it. But now is not the time to talk about how I did my thesis (maybe later in some other post), but how to build up my mood and have that good vibe to through my day.

Caution: these stuffs I do, is literally about me. Since to share is to care, so I hope that it might work for you as well, but if it’s not, well that’s fine.
Caution number two: I’ve through days without these things, and days with these things and compared it. And I feel some of these things I would mention were sooo influencing (at least for me). So, grab your whatever-you-want-to-eat and read. Have fun!

  • Being an Early Bird

It’s hard maybe for those who just started it. But it’s always worth it. Get up earlier means you have more time to prepare things. Not only to prepare “things”, but also to prepare your mood. I am a kind of girl who needs some times to lift up my mood, it’s like whatever I’m gonna do, it depends on it (I know it’s wrong, but I need this to enjoy whatever I’m doing). And it felt so different when I woke up at 5.00am while usually I’ve started my day since 3.00am. I’ll be like… demotivated, lazy and my biggest guilty pleasure: procrastinate. By then, I could say I’m screwed.
  •  Your business to Allah over your business to human

Now, why the heck I started at 3.00am? Somehow I felt thankful to suffer from insomnia back then (and now) that somehow make my sleeping hours becomes quite short. I could sleep 3/4 hours for the whole 24 hours, and it’s enough for me. That somehow, it forces me to choose either I want to sleep at 9.00pm and wake up at 12.00am/1.00am, or sleep at 12.00am and wake up ant 3.00am. and some other time I’ve heard a wise advice from a friend of mine, she said, if you want your business with your friends, relations or else you name it clear or say success, make sure your business to Allah is already done right before you step out of your house. From that, she mentioned things the duty as a Muslim we got to fulfil before we go out like Tahajud, pray Shubuh (including the Sunnah Rawatib), Dzikr, Tilawah, until Pray Dhuha. And off you go to wherever you want to.
  • Morning Coffee
Am I addicted to it? I don’t know. Actually, the caffeine in coffee they said could strike away those sleepy eyes just don’t work for me. But yes, coffee have suggest my brain that today I’m gonna have so much fun. I don’t have any specific coffee to drink every morning. If it’s instant coffee in sachet we usually found, it’s okay. If it’s just simply a cup of kopi tubruk without sugar, I’m gonna be happy. But if it’s a kopi Arabica Gayo or Arabica Bali Kintamani tubruk, without sugar, I’m more than happy! It’s bitter, indeed. But I don’t like sweet. I like the smell of coffee every morning. It always successfully lifts up my mood.
Ngupi apa Ngupi

  • Yes to Unfollow!
Nowadays people seems like they depend their life to social media. Or to make it smoother….they always want to connect to each other via social media that makes them update every-damn-thing to social media. Not smooth enough? Sorry not sorry. Maybe it’s not just them, maybe I, you ever did it in the past. Updating every single thing you found. Well, I trying to quit it, and having my real life here with my friends, even I still work in social media as well. Have you ever asked yourself? How many times you open your Instagram in a day? Is it once? Twice? More than 12 times? And have you ever counted how much posts which bring good impact for you as the audience? Or was it all just a toxic post? I said toxic because somehow, it could make you feel mad, angry, and jealous or even hate. I could say, I open my Instagram account too often I can’t even count how many times, and the only thing I could do to keep my good mood is by unfollowing account that spread hates or “nirfaeda” posts. I feel that is the only way to save myself, from arguing on pointless topics, at least. I think social media now is one of those things that come nearly close to us in daily life, so it’s important to make it “healthy” for your heart and brain.
  • Do more of your hobbies
When things get hard, I usually separate myself from the world outside my room. And doing my things. Crocheting or reading, or watching movie or just opening up my Corel Draw and make whatever I want to make. Not all those kind of hobbies I mention were actually my passion. But they’re enough for me to just escape from the real world, take distance, and come back after all.
Not an expert tho, but I like crocheting

  • Good playlist good mood
I like old songs. Or pop songs which were out of date. It was my father who first bought that The Vanishing Race Album from Air Supply (when he’s young) that I listened when I was in Junior High School or my mother who liked to listen to Koes Ploes or Rani who sang Gang Kelinci. From that time, I started to listened to The Beatles. Their song that I first listened was Let It Be. And after that I started to like them, until now. Now I listened to them on loop and plus my dearest Frank Sinatra. You might think that those old songs were just boring. But what attracts me is their lyric. It sounds so meaningful and timeless, for me, some of pop songs now just bore me with their meaningless lyric or the shallow definitions of love just by making love or so. Come on. Even not every songs sound so, nowadays we just got to be more “picky” to listen to some songs I guess.
Click Time Machine for playlist! and yes brother and sister, I listened to Senja di Batas Kota  :))  

  • Make a list of gratitude
To write is to remember. The more you write, the more you remember. I was kind of depressed for doing my thesis back then. But then I started to write things I could feel grateful for. And the result is, I just needed to take another point of view to see things. It’s hard at first, but it’s the thing to do, and I believe I’ll get used to it, and as the process went by, I finally feel okay. Feel okay means you could just let it all go, and you let God handle it because you have done your best. And after that, you could focus on the other thing. And the mantra I always keep that in mind “Jangan lupa bahagia”. Don’t forget to be happy. It’s a simple thing, we often forget. The message is clear. It asked us to be happy. Because being happy is a choice. Moreover, being happy means you know and you realize that you’re blessed. Because the ones who don’t were the one who don’t even realize that maybe there are millions other people who crave for their positions.

 That’s all that. These things are the most influencing things to help me to get out of the bad vibes or just lift up my mood after a few trials and errors and even now I still do the errors. Now let me know, what things that could make your mood boost up?

Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5 Things to Feel Grateful For

Jadi, di tengah huru-hara pengesahan pasal MD3 dan segala jenis religiosity hates ke umat beragama manapun, I’m well aware about all those things, but let’s talk about another topic.

What’s the last thing that could ever happen to you that makes you feel so much grateful for whatever God gave you? When did you feel it? Was it just this morning? Or yesterday? 2 days ago? Or you’ve never felt this way before?

This past few years somehow brought me to another point of life. I knew maybe that’s just not (yet) a lifetime achievement, cause in fact I’m still digging for it. I knew my life would not be just as beautiful or interesting as it seems through Instagram stories, like, as I get up and pray and make my coffee and listen to a mood-boosting songs and through the day with that big white smiles and end the day with a tired happy face to bed. So beautiful it’s na├»ve. Sometimes, I have to wake up with deadlines, sleep with my watch still in my wrist just to get myself unpleasant sleep so I could wake up earlier, skip lunch just for economizing and drink more coffee. And end the day with an anxious mind to bed.

Social media somehow blur all those struggles. I ever got this statement spoken by my close friend “lo mah, santai banget sih, idupnya main mulu” I was like “hehe, ya kali, tau dari mana?” and she said, “gue liat di story instagram lo”.

Since when social media could really describe what you’ve been through?

Now it became an iceberg, a super serious iceberg. People tend to only see the success without the hard works, the money without the sleepless night, the beauty without the insecurity and the happy smiles of a couple without the fights and the compromises. However, what matters are what come before the good stuff. Things, people think it’s shouldn’t have to be shared. That’s normal, we all tend to share those happy feeling instead of the sad ones, right? That’s why, some people don’t share their sad emotions to social media (of course, unless you’re attention whore or drama queen), and that’s never could conclude that somebody is always having a great time in their entire life.

And from those things that surround me, I found it, “maybe, the hardest thing that we have to do is feeling grateful and husnudzan to God’s plan”. It may seems so simple, but the fact it’s not. Theoretically yes, you just have to focus on the good side and let go, but practically, human’s emotion is way more complicated that makes it somehow…hard. At least for me. But for me, it’s something you can learn and with more and more trainings, you will.

Since, to write is to keep, I’m going to write down a list to sum up of what makes me feel grateful, even I know, He has grant me so many things I could’ve never imagine before that maybe I couldn’t mention them all. So here we go.

  • I could still open my eyes after a few hours of sleep. Sleeping is a half way to die, so to wake up in another day means another chance to be better. I feel blessed. Chance to be better. Cause sometimes, things I broke yesterday is something I couldn’t fix tomorrow, so I just go on, and promise to myself to be better and try not to repeat the same mistakes.
  • Mother’s prayer. I think I would never be in this point of life, if my mom never spend her times to pray for me. I feel like, all the success or the failure I feel is related to three things; the quality of my prayers to God, my mom’s prayers and of course, my effort to make things happen.
  • Friends to Jannah. To be one of those shalih and shalihah who’s invited to be in Jannah is surely Allah’s prerogative rights. And for me, to make friends or have friends who’s also wanting it is one of ikhtiar that I as human can do. Because, it’s quite rare in this moment to have friends who would encourage you to be better, not only to human but also to Allah, in the world full of people saying “urusan ibadah, biar jadi urusan gue dan Tuhan gue”. The most grateful feeling is when you have friends not only in your good or bad times, as how quotation nowadays describe how friendship goals is, but to be mentioned in their prayers in 2.00am in her very private time with Allah, where they could ask for million things about them but still, they mention your name for good in their prayers. That’s friendship goals.
  • The blessing in disguise, they said. I could never be bored to repeat this. But the moment when my father passed away was the moment, I though, Allah has wake me up from a unrealistic dream. I remember that day my uncle said “sekarang, anin penggantinya buat kuatin mama” I was like, a highest tree, an arrogant highest tree struck by a lightning. I broke down. But that’s just the moment when all the things actually began. It’s just somehow amazed me how Allah actually taught me, that this life is temporary. I was thinking that I was too young to face this, I was just a junior high schooler. But it’s all set. No one is late. And no one is too early for everything, including death. And that’s just the time that has been set. So I must be ready. Well, the world keeps moving right, whether I think, I’m ready or not.
  • Live far away from home, somehow blur the definition of home itself. Have moved to 2 places since high school. From Jakarta-Tangerang to Gunung Kidul (that’s in Yogyakarta) now I’m in Surakarta (Solo). It was hard as a new comer of “anak rantau” in high school, but lately I know that it’s addictive. I spend my life with mostly orang Betawi, orang Jawa, and others, with different cultures, religions and characters and somehow it could widen our point of view to see things. I know I’m a bad talkers in front of someone I just met (unless, we know each other long enough), but I like to observe lol it sounds so psycho, no, somehow by observing, I could analyze thing and know thing. And that’s just the thing I found out I like after living in three different places. I wish for another chance to live in another place, please. Hehe.
A poem by Atticus. Idk either it's related or not to this post. But I kinda like it

Those 5 things, are the basic things I feel grateful for that will be followed up by another million small or big things in my life. I feel grateful for what happened, and can’t wait for what’s more to come. And one of those things I could highlight is,

The struggle is real. The ups and downs. The roller coaster feeling.
And the road is never been easy.
But every milestones you pass, it all will worth the fight.
And yes, it’s only a matter of from where you see a disaster to become a grace.

Have a wonderful day,