Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Lifetime Goal

Yeay! New years finally here!
I don’t know whether it’s my good mood or a new spirit influenced by the new year’s stuffs, or is it just me who’s trying to keep the positive vibes alive?

Well, hello there!

I wish you happy new year, may you have a very pleasant years full of grace, bless and of course happiness. Well, since we’re still in the beginning of this New Year, people may love to write down their resolutions for this whole year. Mine is just trying to keep up the good work from the previous year, even I also have some additional resolutions to do in this year. Sounds less-motivated? Not really, it was me, trying to be more realistic.
One of those resolutions I always write in the beginning of the year, is that “I’m going to write more this year” or something like “what about writing once per week to the Blog? My God that sounds so challenging, I’m going to do it!” and lately I know, I can’t make time for it. At least that’s what actually happened in 2 or 3 previous years before I make this posts. Pathetic, I know.

In this 2017, I’m welcoming myself in my last –supposedly, semester. Finally, after doing some long terms project for the assignments, I can start to do my last project which happen to be a SKRIPSI –even I haven’t started any single words for it when I write this.  Nice, Anin. You know, I’ve ever been a jerk junior students in my faculty I think, to think that “it’s SKRIPSI, you don’t have to worry about it, Just do it”. Lol, now in the middle of the projects that I want to do in this years, I feel like breathe easy and sigh “Just do it my A**!”

It’s not as dramatic as I write, actually. But suddenly, something come from the closest part of my life. We named it, pressure. And it’s correlating to life standard.

If we’re talking about life standard, the nearest question would be, “what kind of thing that could make you happy?” when your happiness measured by where your house is, what you drive, how much your money, where you go to travel to, to whom you talk to, what brand you use, all those standards that media spread just somehow makes people…..I don’t know, obsessed? The condition I had 7 years ago, taught me a lot about how material thing or physical thing actually don’t matter.
That’s the life goal I put in every years after 7 years ago. To put up my happiness standard not on physical thing, material thing, even human, because they can somehow disappoint you. Well, even sometimes I failed it too. You know I’m not as wise as Prophet Muhammad SAW or any other figure. I’m still learning, right? Even somehow, I feel like tired or wanting myself to stop doing whatever I’m doing. But, I think that’s normal, since it’s a human thing. We’re tired. We stop. We fall. We get up again. And run. That’s why, never ever put any of those I mentioned as life standards, cause, it’s going to be like running in inner wheel. It’s not going to stop, soon or later, it will change you to be obsessed, disgraced, full of anger, loser. So just let go of all those things.

And be happy
Cause this will be
this year’s goal,
Or even a lifetime’s goal.