Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is it already November?

I just realized that this is already in November because of the post that I posted just now. Geez, how could I ever forget?-_-

I think I know the reason #trytoanalyze
  1.  it must be because I didn't check the calender for almost 2 weeks. GEEZ, 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. and those activities.... yes I couldn't deny anymore(never meant to be arogant) that my activities from the beginning of October until right now, or maybe until next week(i hope it could be lasted) is full-booked. damn! what did I just say? FULL-BOOKED? Geez, i feel like I'm a business woman who try to reach the edge of her carrier, right?
  3. the last cause, I'M STRESS OUT!!!!!! *still feel weird because I change the colour of "I'm stress out" with purple-_-i like purple and "i'm stress out" is something which is the opposite of "like" itself

November........what kind of thing that I'll get in this month...feel a bit curious everything gonna be better than before?
November........can I make my resolutions real in this month?