Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You changed, didn't you?

Hello fellas! how's your day? mine? it was just an ordinary one. went to school early in the morning, and went back home in the afternoon, oh yeah dont forget with the rain!  and in the school......ah nithing I could say about this not-so-damned-thing.

but no. i dont wanna talk about my ordinary activities.
now it's all about "Something Called Changing"
wanna know my opinion?
here it goes...

what is changing? why do people change? do everybody really need to be changed?
I dont know. it's just somehow people's changing is unacceptable. no matter about the caused or because of the impact. but one thing, I feel like I'm changing right now. not a physical thing actually. it's my habit, behaviour, something like that. i dont know whether it's bad or good to the people around me. but I feel comfort to the new me. but, does everybody accept it?

just change til you find yourself.
dont have to think about the world around you.
it's not world who try to fit in you.
it's you.
change because you need to.
not because the world ask you.

Dear fellas, what if you feel like you're not trying to change yourself but people around you judge you so?
actually, they can feel that way because, you dont act like you used to when you're with them, and they dont want to understand. nobody ever did, actually.

a random post huh?
it is