Tuesday, August 27, 2013


After a very long time, finally I could write some more here. I've told you right that my laptop was broken so, sometimes I should just borrowed my brother's, well overall that's why I didn't post anything here for a couple of weeks, but just because I didn't post anything, didn't mean I stopped writing, cause I still do. I write, I meant literally write in a note book that I brought everywhere I go.

Well, another life phase has come, finally I should just leave my High School era(wutt). Leave the era that has made me who I am now. The laughter, the struggles, the tears, the desperation, the screams, the sickness, those stuffs that I ever laugh and cry off, are stuffs that I would never forget till those times when I got my hair turns to grey, my feet becomes weak, wrinkles on my face, and that day when I should just sleep.

And then, I should move to another town, uumm I actually got a bit confused to call this city cause it's not that big to call it as a town or a city, but to call it a village, all of those modernization has been injected to the culture and the people. It's Solo or Surakarta, the place that I live in now.

Solo. Just don't bother the name of this city. If you're a single man/woman, it doesn't make you any better just to find the city's name is the same as your status, cause the fact is it would make feel MORE alone. Why? In my point of view, Solo is a little city with the Javanese culture that rules every part of people's living here. Like the norms, the politeness, the language, and the rituals that some people still do. Solo itself has its own slogan, "Solo The Central of Java" it assigned that here in Solo you can find everything, culture, education, local wisdom, culinary, fashion, lifestyle, everything, because this city is where it all come from. And why did I said that Solo will make you feel more alone when you're single? because there's just so much beautiful places you can explore here, and that's just hmmm a bit pathetic when you're doing it alone. BUT, who says you can't call off all of your friends to explore this city? Call them off and just go ride from the West to the East and from the North to the South. And for me, Solo is a perfect place for those who love to do Culinary Traveling. Trust me. You can find so much cafe, street vendor, Angkringan that would give you the best culinary from Solo, and the most important is, they're cheap! So if you love to eat, you would not regret anything for coming here. Oh and, don't wear any belt ;)

But still, I love Yogyakarta more. I know everything takes time for the process, but I don't think that I would love this city as much as I love Yogyakarta. Something magically has made me love that city, I wish I could come back there, build a house in a country side, far from the crowded road, there's just me and my future hubby, spending time together till the death separate us. Ok, that would be just princesses' story, and I'm not one of them. 

The fact is I'm not feeling that sad like the first time I move to Gunungkidul, now is different. I think I've grown up? I don't exactly know why, but it's just something makes me believe, something's buried deep inside my heart, saying that everything's gonna be okay and I can get through this. And something like confidence, remind me that it's not my first time to move to another city without parents follow me yet I could still do that, So, I'm gonna do this for the next 4 years(or less? aamiin). The question that my mom always asked whenever she felt doubt of me, "Are you happy?"

At times, yes I answered that I'm happy, just to make my mom feels relief. But one week, two weeks, the time pass me by, I'm finding my own definition about happy.
  1. Being happy is not about with whom I live with in a house, but feeling complete because of those people who live right in my heart and I'm sure that they'd never leave.
  2. Being happy is about feeling grateful for what God has planned, has given, has made for me.
  3. Being happy is when I looked at my wallet, I think I've had enough, no matter how many the bucks.
  4. Being happy is when I'm releasing my emotions through writings, music, songs, or movies.
  5. Being happy is about the choice, and the choice is always be mine to choose whether I choose to be happy or not to be.
  6. Being happy is a right, but it's not just something you get pricelessly, I just gotta work for it.
So, are you happy? What's your definition for "HAPPY"?