Monday, January 5, 2015

After All.

Been leaving for months, and here it is, my first post in 2015 with a super guilty feeling for abandoning this friend of mine, blog.

Let's recap 2014 in some words, well, 2014 is a real fast year, ever, it got me feeling like I'm driving a Ferrari in a dead street. I'm not going to say everything was easy in that year, cause it was not. Things sometimes got hard and I couldn't just walk over it, so, I through it (with tears, mostly). But yes, I learned a lot. This year has brought me such as lesson, and a spirit as well to learn more. at some point I kinda hating myself cause I can't tell any of my adventurous, challenging, or maybe inspiring stories to you. At one point, I'm too forgetful, that sometimes I can't even recover my mind, and I think I'm just not good enough for being a story teller, or writer. So, those stories are end up in my brain that somehow I'm myself forget about the whole thing. The whole thing, just to make it more dramatic. And it makes me think that,being a writer like I write on my bio, is not a statement or identity, it's a wish. Pathetic I know. But I found one thing that I love to do in this year, taking picture. I somehow started to think about learning more about photography, I think it's gonna be on my list this year. And finding a muse for being a music director. And be a Media Strategist. Hopefully one of them may come true. 

I'm not that very glad actually for welcoming this year, since my instinct says there will be so much things that will happen tomorrow, and it's AEC 2015, is now right on its way, hope that I, my country, the people, are ready. But, I want to start my  2015 with hopes, because there's so much things to do here, a social project that my friends and I initiate, and the family that my ass will get back to.

After All, hope that I could share more stories like I used to.