Saturday, January 10, 2015

Number One Playlist: Reality

Boom clap the sound of my heart
The beat goes on
Nana nana nana nana

This post is about the sound that I hear everyday now. A kind of sound that I’ve been missing for months when I was so-called sturggling with the deadlines, duties, people’s feeling, and so. Even, I’m not saying that I’m now off duties, but, ...
well here it goes.

First thing first, it’s not the sound of someone’s knocking the door. The next clue is that, there we’re gonna hear “yes, sekarang elu ngeceng!” Yup, we’re playing Congklak like all the time. Not a fancy one, I said. It’s just the plactic one and color with red, which was bought in Abang-abang(what are you trying to say, Nin?). Okey, the happy part of this is that I played it with my sister mum. Yeah, you may think that it’s just a simple thing to do, but for me, it’s one of those reasons that make my mum so special to me and my sister, (instead of every mum is must be so special to their children), because she’s not only making me as her child for some situations, but she also can make me as her friends. That make us compliment each other, or complain, or argue, or play, but still one thing that I’m sure about her is that she loves this little heaven on earth called, family. I feel blessed then.

I remebered that moment in kindergarten when my teacher asked me, “Anin mau jadi apa?” And I answered surely proud (and innocently) without any doubts, “Mau jadi Tukang Risoles”. You may laughed, but it’s okay. Even I found it silly, somehow, but maybe it because I always saw this routines in my house, when my mom made a lot of cakes, but not for me, one of those cakes that she made and is my favorite, risoles. So, this is what I actually do, during my holiday, helping my mum making all of those cakes, Rainbow Cakes, Putu Ayu, Risoles, Klepon, Cake Tape, Cake Ketan, etc. And that sound is the sound of the carrots which I cut into the cube shape, ½ or 1 kilos a day, and I’m happy doing it, it feels like, back to the old days, because I can’t do it in Solo. It’s also the reason, why I put “Make a Bakery or a coffeshop complete with those deli-cakes” on my dream-list to be happened for the next 4 or 7 years ahead. Woohoo, God bless me!

Since my dad has passed away around 5 years ago, so it’s impossible to have a little baby here in my house, and the fact that I’m not married..........(yet). But, there is this cute little boy, named Arjuna, and we call him Juna. He’s cute, he’s totally cute, we three, me my mum and my sister, love children like a lot, even that was the natural personality that every woman has, I guess. So, my sister love to bring him to my house, since he is my neighbor’s baby, and we play around together, he sometimes sleep in our bedroom, play with us, Oh he’s so cute. Oke, this paragraph is turning into annoying paragraph that is only adoring without giving any description about it, lol. And “cring-cring-cring” is the sound of the ball that will make that kind of voice when we shake it, the thing that my 13 years old sister bought to be kept in our house, so Little Juna will not be bored when he play in our house, how cute she is (sometimes). And with the way my sister sometimes keep Juna, I found a figure of mum that is dominated in her soul, I don’t know. Maybe because she’s the closest one with my mum, after daddy passed away, and as the moment went by, some people started to say “Anin ki, plek bapake”. Well, to whom do am I supposed to be similiar to, if it’s not with my dad or mum?

No, it’s not like the sound effect in any horror movie, it’s the sound of my dream. No. It’s the sound of my handwriting in my little notebook to write my dreams. Since it’s a new year, (even I actually don’t really care if it’s a new year or not, because I believe that every day is a brand new day), I make some targets and a kind of timeline that some dreams gotta be realized. Well, one of them is I want to see how Islam touch the other side of this world, I want to know how those western people see Islam, not just from the media I read or heard or watch everyday, I want to make it as a field-trip not only to see how the other country is, or what their culture are. I want to learn about what do these people see Islam, how Musleem or Musleemah survive everyday as a minority in a country, I want to learn how do these Musleem keep their spirit for da’wah or how the Musleemah wear hijab confidently there. So, I put Australia as a dream to be realized for 12 months ahead. And I’m doing my reasearch with some friendsfor the project to Japan, and the most important thing is for the kids. Here’s my dream, I want to see Islam as fragrant as cherry blossoms, and as warm as Koala. Aamiin.

So, it’s not only picture that has a thousand words, cause today I write about 4 sounds and it contents with these almost one thousand words. No wonder, I ever heard, if you want to know more, you got to keep yourself in silence and just listen, that how the earth speaks to you.

And dream is only a dream,
Unless you get up,
And make it real.