Sunday, June 12, 2011


Happy June 5!
Hope that you all guys feeling great today, tomorrow and forever. Amen.

What I’m gonna write isn’t about love, or any other thing. It’s just about me, myself and I, (yea! Who do you think you are nin?!) . Such as suck situation, feeling, condition, and what else? Yeah whatsoever it is that tells you where I’m living now, how’s my feeling on.
You know what I hate the most? That’s to live under some choices, even I know, life’s choice. But the words “life’s choice” are too easy to choose. When someone said “life is a choice” that means “you must choose one, you want to live your life or you want to die right now?” and the answer must be “I want to live my life” that’s the time when you choose. Easy.
But, no. not for this time, I mean. First, I want to recheck that damn words. It must be “life fills up by choices” cause, yes it does, even in the end we’ll be back again to “life’s choice”. And the choice isn’t as that easy as a choice to live or to die. No matter it’s about to choose one between 2 choices of clothes that you want to buy, being a single lady, and many more. Cause trust me, it becomes difficult sometimes.
Choices are about the right one and the wrong one. The truth and the lies. The goodness and the badness. The point is, no matter you choose the wrong one, you’re gonna be who you are.
Now I’m in helldamnfucking between situations, where I should choose one. And the hell thing is it’s not only about my life, but also it’s about someone else’s life. It’s not only about my future, but also about someone else’s future. And for this damn thing, I don’t wanna mess the things up.
And I should choose one, if I choose a thing which I can make sure myself that my life, my future will be safe. And of course, I’ll be happy, but it won’t bring the same happiness to someone else. I can guarantee my statement 100%. And if I keep holding on the way that I’ve been walking on, I can make sure myself that, someone will be happy, but my future? Yes, I can forget it.
And this is the time when I should choose one of those fucking choice. I know there’s always a consequence for every way that I take. But I don’t care. I’ll take the risk. I just wanna be wise, and not being selfish for this damn thing, at least only for this thing. :(

*I made this post on June 5, 2011