Sunday, June 12, 2011

grow up

Hello people who’s still stepping your feet on the ground and breathing the oxygen and live under this atmosphere!

Grow up.

Everybody does grow up. There, people makes changing in their physically and their way to think and to solve many problems.

There are two types of people in this world about “grow up”; there are some people who wanna grow up faster so everybody can see that they’re mature enough to through their life. But there are some people who wanna stop the time and live forever young and forget about the aging.

And aging or grow up or whatsoever it called, isn’t as easy as it spells out from your mouth since all the problems become more and more complex. Like, when you got problem A, and you try to solve it, before it’s really clear, comes another problem as problem B to strength the problem A or it comes from a really different situation or condition, but wherever it comes from, it’s just annoying and suck. That’s what I feel when I’m in senior high school. I mean now.

I know that I’m growing up. I can think logically now. I mean, not only think about what I wanted but also what I needed even sometimes, it gets hard. And I can think something that I might need for a long term or short, what I might need in the future or now. But, one thing that you should know, I’m not the type of people who wanna grow up faster. I’m the type of people who want to stop the time then live forever young, forget about aging or problems. I wanna back to my childhood, instead. Too bad, I couldn’t. Yes, nobody can’t do it.