Sunday, March 24, 2013

When a Jerk Met that Naïve Girl

When my daughter grow to be a teenager
I’ll tell her a story

Once upon a time, there lived a girl
She looks happy because she smiles every time
She loves to feel the sun shine through her skin in the morning
She loves to hear the sound of the raindrops
She made her brain as a jukebox

But no one knows
That there’s something that she hides
The reason why she smiles
The reason why she feels happy
The reason why she sings


She’s been in love
“1 day?”
“1 month?”
“1 year?”
Don’t ask
You won’t find the answer
No one knows how long
Even her own self

That guy
He’s not like Abraham Lincoln
Not like Albert Einstein
Or John Lennon
But yes that guy own that place
That place, hidden, deep buried inside that girl’s heart

One day
They met each other
At the crossroad
“I want to explode” the girl whispered
That guy came closer to the girl
“God I don’t want to fall, it must be hurt” the girl prayed
That guy smiled at the girl
That’s when that jerk smiled for the first time at the girl

And there’s a battle between the girl’s heart and brain
“Just go fall for him!”
“You won’t get hurt!”
“You will!”
“You can fly!”
“It’s nonsense! Don’t be too naïve!”
“She’s right, I can fly” the girl whispered
That’s when that naïve girl fell for the first time

And my daughter will ask
“Is it over yet?”
“No, honey, that’s the beginning”

And the girl took his hand
That guy held it tight
Like he never wanted to let it go
“I love you” were spread everywhere
Those looking-into-each-other’s-eyes deeply moments were done every time
That guy brought the fresh air into her morning
Now she could felt the wind blew her air while feeling the sunshine
That guy brought rainbow into her rain
Now she could look at another beauty
That guy brought the sound of bird’s tweeting
Now she could also hear another song
That guy brought life
That guy brought world
That guy brought something called “alive”
That’s when that jerk taught her how to live a life

That naïve girl
She’s madly in love
She fell deeper everyday
That it made her forget
Everything would come to an end
That naïve girl would find her own end
That’s the tragedy
That’s when that naïve girl crashed the bottom

My daughter will ask
“Does she bleed? How’s the scar?”
“You can’t see the scar, no one ever could”

That guy decided
That guy made his own path
That’s when that jerk left that naïve girl

My daughter will ask
“Why?! They’re such as perfect couple”
“How do you know?”
She will keep herself in silence, wondering on what she’s just talking on
“You right, I don’t know”

People will come and go into your life
Some are meant to tag along with us
Some are meant to be there and left some good lessons for us
Love could be that simple
Love could be that complicated
Love means happiness
Love means sadness
It never gets you stayed at one spot
Trust me
And my daughter will ask me
"Mom, what's the title anyway?"
"The title is When a Jerk Met that Naïve Girl"