Friday, June 21, 2013

High School (Never) Ends

Now I'm using my bro's laptop and yes it feels like "Oh finally..."

Well, it feels like it's just yesterday I took a step to my school and voila! now I'm already graduated from High School! Oh-My-God! I cant believe that time could run the world that fast. No Beyonce, It's Time that run the world, not guuuuuuuurls.

You know a typical High School students, 3 years struggling like trying to staying up in History class; putting on my headset on Accounting class to keep me awake and to concentrate more; cursing those teachers on Twitter cause they gave us such a hell creepy homework; half-running from the parking lot to reach hall cause you know you're 5 minutes late, yep another point to write on your journal sheet and et cetera and et cetera.

And don't forget about the feeling you had on High School. Adoring a guy who's in higher class than you; having crush with someone; trying to look best on ceremony, and hoping that you could amazed him/her; the broke up feeling; the one sided-love feeling. Those things that teach you what really love is.

And friends. High School means finding the best friend that truly care for you in your best and worst condition. Those times that you spent with friends are the unforgettable one. Those time when you laugh at the canteen like you both own the world, you just dont care how people giving you such as "Shut the F up!"; those times when you tease each other, people may see it's rude, but that's just how you and your friends enjoy this short damn life, and many other moments that you cant even tell them by words.

And here are some pictures of me and my friends in Graduation Day

Yep, that's me :)

As time goes by, I should admit that the High School time was really over and I gotta move forward to face the real wild world. But then again, since I consider that High School is a place where you could find who you are, what you really dream of, who your real friends are, high school never actually ends.