Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 2: in Jakarta

This is my second day here, for applying my application to a bank(but failed). But that's not what I'm going to talk about since, yeah I was like losing my interest to talk about it.

Well, I've been living in Yogyakarta for the last 3 years, I actually live in Gunungkidul instead of the heart of Yogyakarta itself. But the condition that has attached me till this time, you know like the silence, the sereneness, smiles and any other country-side stuff. I just love it to live in Gunungkidul.

And this 2 days for being in Jakarta has been making my migraine back in every evening. Damn. I have no idea how these people(The Jakartans) can deal with all of the stuff. You know like traffic, undisciplined public transportation, punks, smelly road, cause of the contamination in the river or sanitation. Gee! God please help these people, I said in my heart.

Today I just gotta go to Slipi to take test, and go back from there to my house in Ciledug at 1.00 pm which is the time when people just got back from their lunch time to get back to work and there I am, in the Transjakarta stops, taking my heavy bag with me, and I just gotta deal standing all the way to Blok M cause I don't even have a seat, and the guys over there, were just sitting there and looking at me instead of letting me sit on his seat. But that's ok, that's the meaning of emancipation I guess. And what touched my heart and got me wondering is that when a mother and her daughter get in the Transjakarta, they just had to stand up because no one let them to sit. And the conductor said to the other woman passengers, "Is there anybody going to let this mother and her children sit?" and he replied it for 3 times. I see 2 passengers were about change their gesture in 15th second, they just tried to get up, but they stop it and sit all the way when the conductor asked a single woman which is as young as I am, to stand up and let them sit on her seat. And I was like wondering all the way back home. So woman, you want every man to understand you but you can't even understand the other woman? Seriously?! way too ironic tho.

And the traffic jam, I don't know what to write about it, It's just way too explainable.

And those punks that I met in the Metro Mini (Public transportation), he's drunk and he sing some of random songs and asked I meant, FORCED every people in the bus to give him money. GEE! I SHOULD'VE CALLED THE POLICE!

And these 2 days experience has left a thought in my mind,
I thought of Malang or Magelang would be a nice place to live XD

This is my 2nd day, and I miss him already, I think I'm getting attached to him day by day. LOL
Happy Eidl Adha Mubarak :)