Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

I got these
The feeling of hurts
The feeling of pains
The feeling loneliness

You came around
Bring the sun and the rainbow
The flowers and the bee
The smiles and the laughter

Everything's changed
You color everything
You paint every corner of my black and white world

One day...
I asked, "what's this?" as I pointed to a kind of liquid
He didn't  answer but smiled.
"Why did you sing all of those love songs?"
He didn't  answer but smiled.

I'm looking for the answer
"what is love?"

 I'm wondering why you came
Why you filled every empty corner of my heart
Why you sang about the beauty of love
why you wont tell me
why you wont explain to me
why you wont teach me how to love

You got up from where you settle down
you took all the stuffs you brought with you

I was standing there in silence
With tons of question,
"Why won't you explain what love is?"
"Why won't you teach me how to love?"