Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sketch Up!

Well, I'm so interested with all of those drawing with sketching method. I don't know, it just seems so real even there're only minimal colors in this kind of drawing, like black and white and grey.
Unfortunately, I have no skill to draw, maybe since I was born, so I'm enjoying my place here just to appreciate them. But, last night, I try to sketch some things.It's not perfect, you know, but I really wished that you would gimme some feedback about it :)
Now, check it out!

"Lemme Hold Your Hand" Finally I can sketch this :D

What I'm dealing with during holiday

Pleas notice this as a pine forest LOL I dont know, I'm wondering that it must be a serene place
I want to skecth Diana F+ but.....yeah here it is

Eiffel Lovers, don't get mad at me, ok?

Thing I couldn't separate with whenever I go
Yeah, a lil quotation

What does happiness mean to you? For me, it's doing this stuff :)

Still wishing for your feedback, people. Have a nice Sunday! :)