Friday, January 8, 2016

A Good (Recipe for) Holiday

Wish that the spirit of New Year is still in your chest. So, what are you doing during the holiday? Well, some people have arranged some good plans, to go somewhere, explore things, or just simply being a sloth with a remote TV in your hands spending all the time changing the channel or just stuck there on Star World waiting for the re-run of America’s Next Top Model.

So, what do I do for this holiday? Well, I ever planned to make a trip, alone, take a random public transportation in Jakarta, get lost somewhere, make a photograph of people, or sophisticated buildings, act like a foreigner tourist? And share the photos here, but yea, as you can guess it, the reality goes in the other side. Blame me and my laziness to put on my shoes and go somewhere, because being far away from home for about almost 6 months is pretty hard and it makes me wanting to just to stay at home all day, all night.

And no, I’m not telling you that just because I stay at home; it means I also enjoy myself for being a sloth..........or pig. I’m now reading a book, an exciting book; sorry to say it’s a....secret? So I won’t tell you about it, because this post is not supposed to tell you about that.

Well, here is the thing, I cook.
Yeah, really. I cook. I like to cook. For breakfast. Lunch. Or dinner.
Can’t you believe it?
Well, there are so many people that don’t believe that I actually cook.
Even my grandma that I have been living with for almost 3 years, and my aunty that I ever lived with, for 3 years. That’s reasonable since, I never got comfortable to cook in somebody else’s kitchen, so I only cook when I’m in my home. No, it’s not an excuse.

So here, I want to share you about a quick and simple Indonesian cuisine, a Tumis Jamur Tiram. For the recipe I would give you the explanation with Bahasa Indonesia, enjoy!

Tumis Jamur Tiram

Tumis Jamur Tiram is on the red plate!

Bahan :
-          250 gr Jamur Tiram
-          Cabai
Ø  1/4 kilo cabai hijau
Ø  10 bh cabai rawit merah
Ø  5 bh cabai merah
-          4 siung bawang putih
-          3 lembar daun jeruk
-          2 sdm saus tiram
-          Garam secukupnya
-          Gula secukupnya
-          100 ml air matang
-          2 sdm minyak sayur

Cara membuat :
  1. Cuci bersih jamur tiram, peras sampai tidak ada kandungan airnya, lalu iris kecil-kecil dan buang bagian batangnya yang keras.
  2. Iris pipih cabai merah, cabai hijau dan cabai rawit. Iris tipis bawang putih dan daun jeruk.
  3.  Panaskan minyak sayur lalu tumis bawang putih hingga harum. Selanjutnya masukan cabai dan daun jeruk, tumis lagi sebentar dilanjutkan dengan memasukkan saus tiram.
  4. Masukan  jamur tiram, tumis hingga bumbu merata. Jangan lupa buat tambahin airnya ya.
  5. Last, Seasoning! Masukkan garam dan gula secukupnya sesuai selera, lalu tumis hingga bumbu merata.
  6.  Masak sampai matang, dan sajikan selagi hangat.

So, that’s it! Easy, right? That’s just for you who love spicy foods and also a simple lunch. Wait for my next easy and simple experiments in my kitchen!

And for you, who can’t get off of that tempting bed, now YOU GOT TO! Get up and do something! Go somewhere or just make something, do something’s productive, this holiday is too beautiful to be through with just “sloth”-ing.

Bon Appétit!