Saturday, January 9, 2016

Guilty Pleasure

 (n) to describe a certain substance or activity a person enjoys, and often practices, while said person morally believed or is informed that the substance or activity is abnormal, improper incorrect. (Source: Urban Dictionary)

In the other words, it’s about thing that you like, but you know you shouldn’t like it.  Does this thing ever exist? I meant a feeling like this. Well, when we like something, we usually it and do it anyway no matter what people say, and we shouldn’t have to feel guilty at all, right? That’s why, some people don’t believe in the existence of Guilty Pleasure. But I do.

I do believe in Guilty pleasure. And it’s mostly about a thing that I know it’s bad or just has an negative effect on my body, on my mind, but still, I feel like I can’t stop doing it, cause I’m pretty happy to do it and maybe I won’t think about it further to do it all over again. But yeah, as we call it A “Guilty-Pleasure” (you know it has the word “guilty” in the phrase), I usually feel guilty and feel like regretting the things I like, that I did. And said to myself “I shouldn’t do it”, and next time I get in the same condition. I know I couldn’t escape it.

Does this pic explain you enough about guilty pleasure?
You know it's bad, but you do it anyway.

Here, I want to tell you The Big 4 of My Guilty Pleasures. Why 4? Because, I simply like number four. Maybe we got the same things, and we can discuss how to escape it, but, check those first.

The Craving Alerts!
It’s the number one Guilty Pleasure I can’t escape. I’m the kind of person who can’t fall asleep, when my tummy’s craving for food. Sadly I confess, no matter when, I would eatmeans search for food in the dining room, make an instant noodle, have a snack, or go out for a quick dinner, in the dead of the night. Trust me, I would. And after I eat whatever I gotfeeling like zombie in this sentence, I would think “Shoot! What have I done? Gee... Fatness is about to hug me tighter.”

I Got More Time For One More Episodes!
Actually, I don’t like watching TV. No. I don’t like watching Indonesian TV Shows or TV Series, or Reality Shows. I don’t mean to underestimate this industry. I just feel like, I got enough drama in real life from people and situations around me and I don’t need more, seriously, it’s enough. Maybe I’m the only one in my house who can stand in a serene situation without switching on the Television, cause it seems hard for my mom and my sis no to watch it just for one day, the type of heavy viewerpeople who watch TV more than 2 hours in a day, took from Cultivation theory, originally composed by Gerbner(1976).
BUT, when it comes to Korean Drama or Hollywood TV Series, I feel like I’m an uncontrolled robot which doesn’t have an “OFF” button until that K-Drama or Hollywood TV Series is done. I’m not much knowing about Korea or Hollywood thing, it’s just, I feel amazed for their works, those are fiction story that I feel not too over-dramatic, some are fantasy but with the technology and the skill, the scene of people flying or burning(literally) still look great and it’s not one of those scene we can MEME it.
And I could stay in front of my laptop to watch them from 12.00am to 4.00am in the next day, and sleep after Praying Shubuh, waking up at 9.00 am feeling dizzy and yes, regret it. I got my Panda-eyes worse than ever after watch Pinocchio, Princess Hours(Re-watch this until I don’t know how many times), Healer, Heroes Season One to Four, Avatar Korra. Well, excuse my madness :’)

Yeay for LINE Sticker, But With a Sound clip, err...
We know we can’t escape the developing of technology when we use the messengers. Whatsapp, Line Messenger, We Chat, KakaoTalk, and Telegram like seriously, it all popped up in the blink of an eye, asking for The Mainstream to install them all in their cell phone and use it. As long as I use my Smartphone, I only use two, I meant three chat messengers, It’s Whatsapp and Line for the networks and friends, and BBM Messenger for the family and some close friends. Okey, whatever happen to Line Messenger, one of those things that make me like to use it is its feature for the sticker. And lately, it becomes so much more, that now sticker can be an animated and included with a sound clip. First time I tried it, I feel like “What the hell?” A superstar, an actress pop up on your screen and giving you a kiss or laughing, I meant, seriously. It’s awful. BUT, I don’t know why I like to tap it (even I don’t send it in any chats) just to hear or see the animation. It’s funny it hurts.

Some Books Are Worth To Be Bought!

2016 goal : Read them all!

You can bold my words here: To be Bought. First time I know I like to read is when I’m in Junior High School, a friend of mine lend me a novel from Torey Hayden, entitled Sheila. It’s a great novel I don’t know what words could describe it, after that I crave for more books. But, I start to collecting books in Senior High School, starts from Novel and Anthologies. There’s a strange feeling through my vein, a happy feeling, from seeing books that’s arranged in one bookshelf. And yes! I love the smell of a new book. It’s so good that it can bring my imagination to some places, some memories, some people. I think, that’s the reason why I love to linger in the library, book store, or places that got a lot of books. I don’t mind if you calling me a nerd. Well, that will do.
And here is the thing that usually comes to my mind when I’m in a bookstore, I read one-to five or ten pages, and that feeling of “I should’ve owned it!” pop up from my chest. There, I buy it. And I feel like a kid just got a lollipop from her daddy, to put it in my mini library, after I cover it. I love my books, I never make any marks like handwriting or folds, never, and if I did, it mostly because accidentally happens.
The guilty part is when I can’t make time to read them. And it happens over and over again from the previous book I bought that I haven’t read, to the book I just bought that I don’t know, when I’m going to read it. Going to the bookstore almost bring me two kind of feeling, first is the fact that I would see tons of book to freshen my eyes or my mind, and the possibility that I would add some books for my collection, and the second is the feeling of being too improvident for buying books with some books I haven’t read at home. Bless my purse :’)

So, those are the 4 big guilty pleasures that I always do. I don’t know either I want to escape from it or not, because since it got “pleasure” in “Guilty-Pleasure”, I like to do it. For me, there’s nothing wrong with having a guilty pleasure, as long as you can manage it and it doesn’t displease anyone. But, a wise man from nowhere ever said, we can’t please anyone, can we?

A (Sometimes Guilty)-Pleasure Seeker