Thursday, December 22, 2011


I cant even speak to you all of these words.
My tongue is frozen.
My lips closed tight.
My hands are shaking.

Today is December 22nd.
Today is what-they-called-Mother's Day
But for me, Mother's day has always been everyday.
Since I've been getting your love not only for one day.

Momma, you're always gonna be that woman...
that woman who stands tall above the broken glass
that woman who teaches me how to smile in my deepest pain
that woman who reminds me how worth life's fighting for
that woman who believes in whatever I'm doing is for good things
that woman who support me wherever I build my own path.
that woman who never underestimates my skill when I try.
that woman who's strong enough to break the mountain.

You're always gonna be that hero.
Superwoman for your family.
Lover for your children.

You are our shield in the hardest war.
You are our umbrella in the heaviest storm.
You are our protector in the wildest world.

Just so you know, you are our everything.

Your beloved daughter