Monday, April 16, 2012

Why you gotta be strong...

There's  a lot of things happened to me lately, that makes me laugh, burst into tears, feeling sad, down, or give up. But then I know, It's just what's God has planned before. It's supposed to be like that. What's bring me down or goes up. But, everything content with the reason why it happened to you.

Here, I try to analyze, the reason why I gotta be strong....
  1. I gotta be strong, because I cant just go with the flow. It's me, myself and I. And I have the right to fight for myself, so i just gotta be strong to against what's bend myself to be me. I gotta be strong for staying like this, being me.
  2. I gotta be strong, not only when I'm sad. But also when I'm happy. I should stand strong and prevent myself for being too happy till I forget the world doesn't stay beautiful for every single second I breathe.
  3. I gotta be strong when I'm sad. You can see it crystal clear. There's no reason not to be strong in the moment like this. 
  4. I gotta be strong when I'm hearing some people talking shit about me and my world and people in it. What I believe is that people can talk something's "trashy" about me because they don't know who I am or what I've been through. They never get in my world before. They've never been being like me before. So, when I know that what they know is nothing, I never make it to be such a block for me to be strong. "They know nothing about myself or my world or people in it."
  5. I gotta be strong because I found one thing to make me sad or drawn in my deepest sadness. Yes, Only one. But I think it widely. I found so many-till I cant count it-the reason to smile, laugh or be happy. So from then on, I know I gotta be strong and I can be strong.
So, will you find any reason not to be strong? It'd be such an useless thing to do, because you won't.