Friday, January 3, 2014

Bad Coffee

Maybe now we're entering an era where being somebody else is a must
being somebody else is something that we can't refuse cause the society forced us to do so
that the society asked us to have one more face
and more face
and more and more face

And we will enter that era where we loose ourselves
but we don't even realize it
cause we're just too busy beautifying a new look
don't care where the last time we put ourselves on
who cares?! they like us this way

And that time, where being somebody else becomes a new addiction
deep inside, you know you hate it
but, it's been a part of you
and you can't put it off or even leave it

And that time you will feel like
you're drinking a cold coffee
bad thing to drink
but you do it anyway


sometimes it's the photo you took
the post you made
the song you wrote
that speak louder than your voice.