Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013's Bullets

No. it's not like I would tell you that I got shot by 2013 bullets or even mention 2013 bullets. It's about the thing that meant so much to me in 2013 that I should give bullet about it. let's check these out!

  • January
A daddy's birthday on the first day of the month had successfully made me feel blue for the whole New Year's Eve Party, like what it used to be for the last 3 years. This is the most tiring month of the year, where I should prepare for the National Exam and The Gymnastic Practical Exam. I was like leaving house at 6.30am and got home at 9pm, schooling, taking course, practice, sleep for 3 hours and it goes on routine over and over again that I feel like I might just throw up all the time. My habit of consuming coffee was going deep, but I can still control myself.

  • February
My daddy's "leaving-day" was in this month. 22nd Feb. It's been a deep black mark on this month for the last 3 years, and I think it's always gonna be like that for the next years. It's a "Love-month" they said. Well, for me it is. I got a kind of puppy love (Actually I barely use Monkey-Love, cause, yes I love puppy and I hate monkey, and this is what I hate). laugh and tears at the same time. I feel like, "Dammit! what kind of hell you put me through?!" but that's ok, I still went on and on, thank you for my silly people Cawetranger(don't mind the name, I told you silly group right?) for keeping me up up up up and accompany me whenever wherever. They are not just bunch of best friends for me, they are more like siblings, brothers and sisters, trash bags, diaries, pisuhable when you get mad or something but they never got mad, I love them. I was like finding my precious thing in this month and the bad thing as well for the broke up, of course (Now I feel like Gollum in Lord of The Rings). 

  • March
Getting closer to the National Exam's day, and still aching for the heart break someone put me through. Ever made a post here, entitled "She" and "When a Jerk Met That Naive Girl" to release the pain, and now I read them all and I feel like "EWH! how disgusting I was!" Haha but that's fine, everybody got that time for feeling hurt and feel embraced at the next day, right? This month, my habit of consuming coffee was getting uncontrollable! My stomachache  flare up more often and the migraine and the insomnia, stressed out by the "emotional-damage" and the pressure for the National Exam preparation. I feel, I'm fucked up for those shits around me. I tried not to give a shit out of me, but yes my blood type(which is A)'s instinct said, I can't and gotta think of it over and over again and deal with it. I got no escape.

  • April
This was the month! The month of National Exam. what I was doing in this month were studying harder and harder in injury time, suck I know. I should catch all the targets of the subject that I missed in Grade 11 cause I took too many dispensation for months, feeling like a college student and taking aside my academic stuffs. Hell yeah-_-' I promise to myself and to God not to consume coffee since day-a month to National Exam. My mom, Cawetrangers, friends, teacher, aunty start to worry about my habot of consuming coffee, cause I consumed it like in the morning and evening, just like an old man. And by the end of the month I got finished it. Yea! High School time was over by the last day of the National Exam on Thursday. I remembered, the time when we finished our(me and Cawetrangers) tests, we sat in front of the classroom, talking things we never knew we're gonna miss, laugh like we own the school and feeling hungry like a zombie craving for human's brain. Bu Tukino as my favorite supporter on Logistic sector was off that day. So we went to Ledoksari and played cards, watched movies, order Indomies, happiness is a simple thing, isn't it?

  • May
My mommy's birthday was on 28. I can't go back to Jakarta for the preparation of the SBMPTN with Cawetranger. Yes, we did study together, work together and laugh together, even I know we laughed more than we study that time. The first time I feel guilty for being dumped by my dream university, from my dream faculty and department. That's ok, cause I got 10 buddies that didn's get the golden ticket tho HAHA :v I remembered the first time I opened the announcement that time in Adha's and we just like smirked and said(started by me)  "ora entuk hahaha..." and we just laughed it off. But the time we arrived in our own home, we texted each other "iki tenan ra entuk?" you know how silly we were now. May made me worked out to loose some weight. This is no hoax. I lost my 7 kilos weight by the worked out, the jogging(3-4 times a week), the healthy food and drink, healthy sleeping time, and positive mind. This is surprised me, cause I dont think I can do this before, but back to my motto, "You are what you think you are" And I got the willing, so there I was. But don'y ask me for my right now-weight, I think the 7kilos that ran away that time, has got back.

  • June
The happiest and the saddest part of my life. Get outta the High School and separating with friends and Cawetrangers. Well I've lost some of my targets but God gave me another thing to substitute my target that is not even worse than my goal. Thank God. and yep I got the Kebaya that fit with me and my high heels for graduation day, that's great! And that time I got a news that the announcement for the university's test were fastened. Once again, I should thank God for placing me in the department I wanted the most since I was in Grade 11, Communication Science Department. I remembered how I opened the announcement through the website, and I got fever right one night before the announcement, I'm scared as hell if I don't get that chance, and right when I read that "Selamat Anda diterima blahblahblah..." I was like, "Thank God!" and kneel down, putting my head on the floor, for thanking God for making this kind of dream came true. And I got back to Yogya and to Solo right 2 days after the announcement. Lived in a rush in summer time, Well, I did.

  • July
My birthday's in this month. 24th. But the thing is, I don't remember what I got or what I did in My-Day. Except for the dinner with my buddies in Lingga's Angkringan, and getting birthday greeting from my brother, Mas Jovi for the very first time, it's surprising me since he never remembered my birthday before. That's all. The rest? I accidentally forgot it.

  • August
Gotta move to another city to continue my study in Surakarta(Solo). I can't believe that I've been in love with Gunungkidul, a place that I never ever planned to move to. Now I'm like, someday my hair turns to grey, and I got a lot of grandchildren, I should build a house here, it's gonna be a perfect place to enjoy my old days. Another tiring month, cause I got OSMARU, that's when I got a lack of sleep, hell much. And since I'm a newbie here in Solo, I often got lost, the worst was I got lost in the last day of OSMARU, so I got home too late-_-" and when I wanted to go to campus, again, I got lost to the place I've never been before, asking too many people but still, and after 1 hour turning around at the same place, finally I got that right way. August was about getting lost(literally), and finding the right way.

  • September
Trying to know the rhythm of the college's life. I joined one activity that influenced my point of view about college's life, student, and dream. Sekolah Penerus Bangsa, presented by BEM UNS. It's my honor to join this activity, everybody's here inspired me so much, deep inside, I wished I could be like them someday. Even better. An inspiring month? It is.

  • October
My sister's birthday was in this month. 16th. I remember how she begged for a birthday's present to me, "Mbak Anin...hadiahin aku flashdisk dong.." lol, sometimes this lil girl could be this innocent, cause if I were her, I would wish for another thing-_-' Makrab KMF is the coolest thing in this month. I met those people who are hilarious and kind and as absurd as I am. This month I came back to Gunungkidul for Eidl-Adha. Helped people to share the meats, it was great even after that I got a backache. This month I found an essential of taking journey, that it's better if I do it alone,cause I can enjoy all the talks with strangers, and enjoy my music and so. And I found that, people would care about us if we just took our time to care about them more.

  • November
Rain is coming!  But that doesn't matter. I love it tho(unless the part of I get myself rained, with my jacket's on, cause by then I'll get my allergic flare up). Great event in this month? Dialog Kebangsaan of course. That was the first time I see Wiranto, Hidayat Nur Wahid, and Yasin something (Makassar's Governor). And my favorite speaker is Mr. Yasin, the way he talked told us much that he's capable on what he's doing right now. In this month, I started to love Solo, especially the beauty of Solo in the night. That's why I'd rather going back home after Maghrib or around 7pm, first of all of course, I wanted to rip myself from the traffic jam that I might got, then I wanted to enjoy the lights, the serenity inside of my playlist, the people with their own activities. I almost catch the end of the semester here, and the lecturer just did good for giving us such as uncountable assignments.

  • December
Thunderstorm! The weather made my bed felt comfort every morning that I didn't want to separate myself from this thing. Cool event? Mata Najwa on Campus by Metro Tv! They invited Joko Widodo, Ganjar Pranowo, Abraham Samad, and Jusuf Kalla. Can't believe that I'm a lil closer to them, even though I got no chance to ask my question for them, sad I know :( The lecturer're giving us more and more assignments, typical of college's student in the last semester, being a library attendant. lol I've got the rhythm of the college's student(I guessed?) like finally, have my buddies in crime, and got the first chance to sing for an event after a long-long-long time. The weather is just not friendly enough to me, that sometimes I put on my jacket upon my cardigan on my long sleeves to keep my allergic out. Sadly I cant go to Jogja for New Year's eve to just gather with Cawetrangers, this time, rain ruined. But that's fine, I spent my new year's eve in front of my laptop, called my momma, and having a long-long-long chat with my friends and trying to make this post out last night but yes I got a lil writer's block here cause of a brain damage, so it's hard for me to remember moments, hope you guys understand. As I always did for the last 3 years, missing my daddy in the New Year's eve is a kind of thing that I uncontrollably did, now I got used to it. Happy birthday dad.

That's my 2013's bullets. Can't remember all those stuffs there in 2013. And so, that's the end 2013. Page 365 of 365 has been written, time to close the Journal and prepare for a new Journal with "2014" as a title, the pen, and those surprising moments that God has prepared for me.

Happy NewYear, New Dream, New Desires, New Days, New Ways, New You everyone!