Thursday, March 29, 2012

Piece of words for my country

There's so much things happen to my country
Good things. Bad things.
But whenever I switch on my TV or Radio.
Bad things was all I heard.

I don't want to judge the government.
Neither the people.
Because Judgement can't even solve this by now.

I can't say Group A was right.
And Group B was wrong.
Because It doesn't matter who's right or wrong.
They hold both of those things.

It has never been that time.
To judge.
To blame.
To ignore.
It's the time to unite.
To hold everyone's hands.
To make believe.

I'm still holding this hope. 
This big hope.
 For my country. 

This hope.
Something that makes me believe.
That someday,
 i'll see a brighter day in my country.
I'll see smile that lasts forever.
I'll see happiness scattered wherever i step my feet.
I'll see laughter from those kids.
I'll see that red-white flag wave toughly.