Monday, March 5, 2012

taking chances then let it go?

you see the title? hahaha. maybe at first you'll feel like youre gonna read words of a loser that give it away her chances? hehe, but here, there's no use to judge, better read it first :)

when you do something and wanna get the best from it, what you're gonna do then? only pray? only wish for some lucks? only giving it so much effort that you can do? well then, taking chances is not only about doing only one thing that i've mentioned before. you must do it all, in the balance capacity. yep, everything must be balance. you must give it so much effort, then pray to God, so He may give you that so called glory or luck. but some things which are also needed is that you must remember that you gotta have your own belief. believe that you you can reach it. believe that it's gonna be yours. and then you gotta be optimist. because sometimes, your effort may be failed if youre not optimist, and i figured out, how could you do your best if you are not so?

after all, you gotta let God to take the rest.
believe that His decision whether if it's a failure or success is for our own good.

and if you got that so called success, first thing to do is to feel thankful to God, he made your path to be like this.

if it's a failure, dont curse or complain to God, it's still the best for you. accept it. there's no use to beg for something which was already to be the part of you past. i believe that you dont wanna live in the past, dont you? the only thing that past can do for you is that make it as a lesson, an experience for you so you wont make the same mistakes in the future. there's no use to expect it to be the way you ever wanted, it wont change so  anyway.

all you gotta do is that you must move on, and focus on what will you do after it and do better.

And what I'm trying to say here is that,
"please underline it or bold it or italic it, give it up and let it go has a really different meaning"