Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heyya World!!!!!

Heyya World!
OMGod! It's been so long since the last time I made a post for this blog till I found too many spider's web all over my blog, LOL *I Know it's not funny, but please laugh just to make me feel happy*

Why did I left this blog?
Well, first, I had to take the final exam and I must pass it so I can go to the next higher ad risky level. Yep. Grade 12. One Step Closer to face the real wild world, yoohoo! Comin!
And, I took my holiday, actually, it was faster than it had to be, and of course, it was the longest holiday I ever had in High School, Lucky me :D I'll tell you how my amazing-unforgettable-fascinating-fun holiday was.
And this is the most important reason beside things that I mentioned, my modem is gone and my boyfriend-laptop-is broken(again). Yap, world is never been this cruel. But God must love me that much *I dont know what I'm trying to say actually*

But Here I am, has back from the cruelest reality and will write "what's on my mind" or what's happenning" in my thoughts or life or world or any other things that related to me. Yes, this blog is about me and my thoughts. LOL.

But as a student of Grade 12, maybe I will not post as much as i used to, you know, I've gotta study hard to get into college. hehe -_-v

Maybe that's all, thanks for those who keep visiting and wrote your shoutout on my shoutout box, I really-really-really-really-really -hoaaaam- appreciate that.  :)

See you at the next post,