Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to That time

See the picture. 
how happy she looks! 

I wish I could just back to that time when
The saddest thing in my life was when I dropped my lollies down to the ground
The reason I burst into tears was because my friend took my Teddy bear out of my hands.
The reason why I never felt lonely was because I had my imaginary friend.
The reason why I got mad to my parents was because they asked me to take a nap.
The most important thing in Ramadhan was getting a new clother for Eidl Fitr.
I thought life will last forever so all I did was play and play.
I thought every family was the same as mine. It was full of happiness.
School was just another playground.
All the songs I heard or sang was always successfully made me happy.

Now, where are all of those things?

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