Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm cheating, and this is my confession..

Well, rrrrrr I'm rrrrrrr But I'm rrrrrrr

LOL! Enough for the dramas. Well, I'm not cheating like people usually do in the real world, since I have no boyfie to cheating on *rrrr what's this?* You must be curious why I choose those words as my title. well, here's the story...

The very first time I got attach to blogging world was when I was in grade 8. I started to make my first blog with so much dolls as its theme and all of the childish and unimportant(well, even I'm older I still make those unimportant posts though) posts with :
Yep! Blogger! I knew about this free site to make your own blog from my daddy. At first, I asked him, how to make such a website to publish our stories or else, and he told me about this site. And I started to use it for about a year, till I'm in grade 9 before the National Exam. But then, I forgot its password and also email. So Foolish! I know. 

And from then on, I started to make Tumblr. I knew this site from those people who I followed on Twitter who always shared their posts on Tumblr in Twitter. Then I got so much curious, and yes, finally I make an account just to see if maybe I would get so much fun from here, I used it for about less than a year, because I forgot the password and also the email, and it happened to my 2nd and 3rd Tumblr. pathetic.

And I got sick of making any blog to write or just to share my thoughts or quotation, and that's why I'd rather tweet all of my quotation in Twitter, but my friends, asks me to make another account for my quotation, but i dont want to cause it seemed so complicated. And I went on tweeting my quotation in Twitter. But I'd never stop writing, cause, I still love to make poems, stories, it's just I made it manually, by writing it. I meant, really writing it on a paper with my pen(of course, what the hell are you thinking you use to write?) That's why, when I'm in grade 10, I never be parted with my binder and my pen. i brought it whenever I went to. Some of My friends started to think that I'm a nerd or someone that can't be parted from the school's stuff, but they never really read my binder. LOL.

And my another friend who has the same passion to write, ask me to make another Blog just to release all of my  thoughts that I had. But I dont think I need it, cause, I already had my binder with me, so, why do I have to? But, one day, I have nothing to do and yap, I made one. This is how born. LOL. I dont even know why I named it so, hehe. Then, I started to write on this site. And decided to spend the whole day just to make my blog's design. LOL. And this blog has made me falling in love with "writing-go-publish" world once more. Haha okay, just hyperbole it :P


Lately, there're so many people that loves to post or make a "photo of a quote" as aprofile picture something. And I found out that, they got it from Tumblr and weheartit                                              

And yes, I tried to make another which means my 4th Tumblr. At the first time, I make so many efforts for my old Tumblr, to make photoquote or reblogged more or else, and spending my time for hours to only choose which background that i'll use. LOLLL But just this Monday, I deactivate it. Cause I just found that, It's not myself. The blog didnt really describe how I am or was. So my Tumblr that has accompany me for 2 years, had to be gone. So sad. And the following day, I made another Tumblr. LOL! 

And The new one is really attractive to me, i think, it's just pretty and it successfully makes me forget to post something here. 

That's why I want to give you all my confession that I do cheat on Tumblr :)

So, you feel curious about the blog that I made? hmm, so just visit  Lost-in Colour