Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can you shine?

Don't you ever standing over there,
waiting cause you're afraid to move
keep in silence cause you're afraid to break the rules
say yes to all of those sh*t you don't like  because you're afraid of being different

If you thought you're nothing,
If you thought you can't do a thing,
If you thought you always turn something to be a bad thing,
If you thought you always ruin everything,
My dearest friend, you thought wrong.

Now you know that the ball is in your hand,
the tongue is in your mouth,
the words is all yours,
Now, why do you have to be afraid?

And now you know that you have the lights.
The lights that lays in your soul.
The lights that you never thought that it was there.
The lights that buried deep in your heart.
The lights that will shine on you whenever you're in the darkest place.
The lights that will never leave you when everyone does.

So why do you have to be afraid?