Thursday, May 10, 2012

The conversation

  • Me  : Dad, how are you?
  • Dad : Me? totally fine, my dear. Why is it, my dear?
  • Me  : What?
  • Dad : Your face, why does it look so ugly?
  • Me  : DADDY! That's cruel :(
  • Dad : Those tears that makes you ugly, why is it, my dear?
  • Me  : Dad, are you happy for being there?
  • Dad : Yes, it is such a the best place for me.
  • Me  : Even if you're not with your family?
  • Dad : Still, it's the best place.
  • Me  : Oh, well then. If you're happy with that. So you leaving me with a smile? Was it that good?
  • Dad : Yes, of course. I leave with a smile and leave a lot of lesson for you, my dear.
  • Me  : Lesson about how to cry in a good way? yes, you did.
  • Dad : Haha, no dear. I was leaving you so you can stand tough in the hardest storm. I was leaving you so you know that there's no immortal life. I was leaving you so you know what responsibility is. I was leaving you so you can learn about how to be a tough leader for youself, for your family, for your environment.
  • Me : But dad, I'm tired. I'm sick of those people who hurts me lately. They left the wounds that I can't even heal even remove.
  • Dad : You know, you always say "please see something from the otherside" this isthat time to see this thing from the otherside. They do you so, to make you strong, to make you unbreakable later, to make you tough, to make you indipendent.
  • Me : Dad, you dont know what you're talking on. You really don't know.
  • Dad : Believe me, I know. I know the tears that you shed, just this morning. I know how your feeling is, my dear. I know. I know how their word could bring you down. But this is life, my dear. This life is worth fighting for. I know you're tough enough, my dear. I know you can survive. I know you can rise them.
  • Me  : Dad, I'm tired. and I want to stop. I want to quit.
  • Dad : My dear, you don't have to take it in a rush, you can walk slowly as long as you don't stop. You can shout, scream or even cry as long as you dont give up.
  • Me  : Will you go back?
  • Dad : You must stop wondering something that won't come true. I'm watching you up here.
  • Me : But.....
  • Dad : Now, get back to your class. I love you.
  • Me  : Dad...
  • Dad : Wherever and whenever you'd still have me.

Maybe it'd be the conversation I make, if my daddy was still here.