Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Alone and I Enjoy It

People come and People go. There's just nothing's permanent in this life. And I believe, whoever who lives, who breathes, who feels, ever felt that so-called-loneliness.
Some people will chase after people to tag along with, cause they cant stand of that condition. That suck condition.
But some people will hold on to that condition. Being alone. 

People looking for the answer, how to be happy no matter if yo're alone? Just in case, so they won't get sad or burst into tears when they're alone.

But for me now it's about, HOW YOU SEE IT.

If you're being alone now, to be happy is such a choice. A choice that you must choose, whether you want to be happy or not. The ball is in your hands.

If you feel like being alone is suck. Try to see it from the other point of view. 
Like when you want to see a beach that is in the other side of a mountain, you must climb the mountain, so you can see the beach from the top. And so does loneliness, it has something's beautiful  if you see it from the other point of view.

If you think that there's nothing's worse than being alone. Try to feel grateful for what you had. Enjoy every little thing that you had. No matter if it's bad or good. Love everything that was or will happen to you.

If you think that world becomes 7times useless, now you can see all the details surround you. Fan that's swinging, iPod that is playing your favorite songs, Sun that is rising. Birds that is tweeting, and so on. Because, enjoying all the details in this world is such as thing that you can't do if you're surrounded by too many people.

It's not that bad for being alone. 
When I'm being alone, I feel that...
 I'm myself. No one can get in my world and forced me to change. It's just me, myself and I. I'd put on my headset , turn the music out loud till I cant hear a thing but the song, and see the world that goes around without me.

So, are you still feeling that is suck for being alone?